Ilorin Innovation Hub launches Free Tech Skills Program

Ilorin Innovation Hub launches Free Tech Skills Program

The Ilorin Innovation Hub has launched the Ilorin Tech Skills Program, a free tech skills program for youth in Kwara State. Pending launch of the innovation hub, this program will be run virtually and fully online. The learning program has been in pilot for three months and is launching fully now. Participants will be able to take courses and get certified in different areas in tech like web design, blockchain, artificial intelligence and app development. 

One of the courses currently available in the Ilorin Tech Skills Program is Startup 101, which is meant to train young entrepreneurs on how to go from idea to startup. Participants will learn the fundamentals of startup entrepreneurship, company building, and how to create new products with real-life examples from successful entrepreneurs. In todays world, youth can aspire to be job creators and not just job seekers and this is what this course entails. 

Other currently available courses are under the Responsive Web Design track, which introduces participants to HTML, CSS, Javascript and the basics of design for the internet. The program is starting with basic and foundational tech courses, with more advanced courses to be added later. For more information on how to enroll please visit

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